agrim mittal (Everything is a file)

Goroutines: M, P, G orchestration

Goroutines are lightweight; have a small stack (2KB, from v1.4) and a fast context switch.

Goroutines vs Threads

Go uses goroutines while languages like Java use threads.

Go's garbage collector

Go’s new [>= v1.5] garbage collector is a concurrent, tri-color, mark-sweep collector, an idea first proposed by Dijkstra in 1978.

Garbage collection

Garbage collection is the process of freeing up memory space that is not being used.

Extensively monitoring spark-jobs with StatsD

This post is a continuation with Monitoring Spark jobs with Prometheus StatsD Exporter and Grafana

Exploring the /proc directory

The proc filesystem is a pseudo-filesystem which provides an interface to kernel data structures. – linux man pages

Kafka 101

Kafka is a distributed, horizontally scalable, partitioned, fault-tolerant, replicated commit log service.